SACM - Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research

Our Aims

The Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SACM), founded in 1974, represents communication and media research in Switzerland and is mainly oriented towards social sciences. The SACM is a member of the Swiss academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW). The members of SACM are comprised of scientists and teaching staff from universities, technical colleges and further education, alongside experts in communications practice and media research, professional associations and representatives of government agencies and administrative bodies.

The aims of the SACM are to

  • encourage teaching and research in the field of communication and media research in Switzerland,
  • defend its members' common interests,
  • promote the transfer of academic knowledge. To this end, the association addresses the positions of its scientific community in public and assembles academic researchers with experts in media practice.

The SACM organises an annual conference, invests in the support of new academic generations by means of sponsorship and events for young academics, strives for a coordinated doctorate programme, and since 2007 has published the "Studies in Communication Sciences" journal in cooperation with the Facoltà di scienze della comunicazione dell’Università della Svizzera italiana. Its KMW-Atlas provides an overview of the study programs in communication science offered by universities and universities of applied sciences in Switzerland.

In the past years, the SACM has intensified international cooperations. On an international level, its aims are to build bridges between professional associations and different scientific traditions in the neighboring countries and to increase the visibility of findings in communication and media research over linguistic and national boundaries. Regular meetings and common events are organized with partner associations in France (SFSIC), Germany (DGPuK), and Austria (ÖGK).