SACM - Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research

Ethics Committee

The SACM and its members follow ethical principles. According to these principles, the members strive for truth and knowledge gain with integrity and comply with high standards in research, teaching and professional practice. The principles are enshrined in the ethical code of the SACM (document in German). Tasks and competencies of the ethics committee are defined in the rules.


Prof. Dr. Daniel Süss

ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Departement Angewandte Psychologie
Pfingstweidstrasse 96
CH-8037 Zürich
+41 58 934 83 36

Prof. Dr. Heinz Bonfadelli

Professor emeritus in Communication and Media Research at University of Zurich

Silke Fürst (MA)

Universität Zürich
Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung (IKMZ)
Andreasstrasse 15
CH-8050 Zürich